Golf  With Your Friends, developed by Blacklight Interactive, is an entertaining mulitplayer minigolf game. You can host or join a match with up to 12 people and play on a variety of well-designed courses. As simple as this game sounds, some courses are pretty difficult and extremely fun.




Every single course in Golf With Your Friends has its own unique theme and challenges, which makes for many hours of fun. My personal favorite is probably the ancient temple course because I absolutely love the challenges you encounter. Everything from swinging logs to rolling boulders make each hole difficult yet so fun.




The visuals in Golf With Your Friends are lovely. The colors are vibrant and super playful, even on the darker themed maps. I specifically loved the theming and colorful visuals on the diabetes-inducing candyland course.




Overall, I’d give Golf With Your Friends five hammers out of five. It’s a perfect game to play with a group of friends.